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Web : Wanna try Flash Lite in Indonesia Handset?

I found interesting news regarding Flash Lite in Indonesia.How can we try those application in here?

So here it is....Sony Ericcson just released w900i to Indonesia.And the great thing is...there is Flash Lite embedded on this walkman phone series.They said Macromedia Flash Lite™ use for wallpaper, animation, menu and other impresive graphics element.

Well....when i check the price, it cost Rp. 6,200,000 :((...still to expensive for me.....

Training Day 2

On the next day, I set up Flash MX 2004 to my computer's friend.
As Macromedia say, Flash Lite 1.x can only available to Flash MX 2004 and higher.

My friend told me she has installed Flash MX 2004 to her computer, then the problem appears.She can not find Flash Lite 1.1 on publish Flash option.
So anytime she publish the swf file, error message always shown.
"You should publish it to Flash 5 etc..."

When i checked the software,I found Flash MX 2004 Professional version 4.0.So i uninstalled it, and install to the machine with new version (ver. 7.2), and its works.

The only problem if we use some action scripts is, it need Flash Lite 1.1 to published.I dont find any problem when I developed a simpe wallpaper without any script embedded.

And what more interesting if we develop Flash Lite with Flash 8 is, we can find any devices to be tested.More complete action script help on panel, and also new features on publish option. There is Flash Lite 2.0 on it.

So my suggestion is....upgra…

Training Day 1

Its been pleasure for giving training to my friend.
She used to work with FlashMX 2004, now after some theory of Flashlite, she just can say "such a simple script to create great application" :D

We do have a good news from our partent.They planning to sell some wallpaper with Flashlite environment.So they asking me to find new partner to do so.

Our first application is wallpaper running on Flashlite 1.x.Then other projects come.

Cant wait to produce new application.

Web:Hot viliv P1 30GB Portable Media Player

Please take a good look....dont be fool with Sony PSP and iPod.

Specification :
- 30GB hard-drive,
- 4 inch 16:9 wide-screen with 480x272px TFT screen,
- Macromedia Flash player
- FM-Tuner,
- Voice and audio recording,
- Speaker,
- CF Slot,
- Video and Audio Out,
- 6 hour video viewing battery life and 11 hours for audio.
- The video player supports DivX, Xvid and MPEG1/2/4.
- The audio player supports MP3, WMA and OGG.

From the sales representation,they stated that they had produced a Korean language CDK (not found this online yet) and that there will be a FL2 version later this year

Web:Final Results of Flashlite Poll

Today Flashlite Poll on Flashlite mailing list is closed.

Here are the result :

POLL QUESTION: What kind of flashlite content do you use to develop ?

- games, 11 votes, 35.48%
- utilities, 19 votes, 61.29%
- ringtones, 0 votes, 0.00%
- animated wallpapers, 1 votes, 3.23%
- themes, 0 votes, 0.00%

And if i look individual votes list, there is my name there....the only person who voted for animated walpapers, the only one creating wallpaper with silly i am :D

Handset:SonyEricsson W950i with Flashlite Supported

Have you ever wonder to get Sony Ericsson mobile phone with FLashlite player on it? soon, you will get them. Sony Ericsson introducing W950i as their answer for Flashlite developers or user.

You can check the producthere.

for Bahasa Indonesia version, you can read here

Application:FPS-Meter Lite for FlashLite developers

Faisal Iqbal post his email today on Flashlite Yahoo Groups a component for Flashlite 1.x as Valentine gifts.

It help developers to test Flashlite movie in emulator or device and show its FPS of last 10 frames.

You can download here

And, i've dragged it on my G-Shock application, and it work...great! now i can check my timing carefully then....


What it takes to create aplication working on Flash Lite?

- You can use Macromedia Flash MX 2004 or Flash 8, you can download the trial version here

How u will embed the flashlite application in the Mobile device. How
to transfer to the device?

- Bluetooth, IR, USB, Cable,Web link

Where can i find tutorial and some sample programs?

- - -

And vickymustdie on flash lite groups give more note about this :

Very first thing you need is Macromedia FLASHLITE Player
installed on your handset and also whether your Handset supports
Flash files or not. For which you need to check out the listing of
Macromedia Flashlite supported handsets

From the link, you have to confirm..

1) Whether your handset supports Flashlite Software from Macromedia.

2) If yes, which version of Flashlite is supported either Flas…