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WEB: studiomoto - flash based mobile content creation

A good info from Hayden Porter:
Motorola recently launched studio moto, a mobile content service aimed
at end consumers. Using a browser based flash application for desktop
PC, users can create mms messages containing sounds, video clips and
text and send to a friend.

seems to be a 2advanced project.

Check this URL's

Here are some usefull URL hemanshu mestry gave to Flash Lite Community:

FlashLite 1.1 - SITES (Device Profile Updates -- Get the latest mobile device profiles for use in the Flash Professional 8 mobile emulator)

If you�re a developer, you can purchase the stand-alone Flash Lite 1.1 player
for these supported devices from the Macromedia online store at For a list of commonly asked questions
about purchasing the stand-alone player, see the Flash Lite 1.1 FAQ at For help installing the player, see
TechNote 4632f5aa at [ Purchase the stand-alone Flash Lite 1.1 player ] (Mobile & Devices -- Flash Lite Exchange) ( Lite Exchange Check out the latest Flash Lite examples created by developers.

More examples of Flash Lite content…

Code:Flash Lite 2. 0 AS2 Key "catcher" code

Here is an example code how Hayden Porter currently handling key down events.

His main concern is whether using the following code for detecting 12
digit key presses will work on international phones.


I am assuming this should convert the ASCII code into, the physical
label printed on a given key such as 1-9,0#,*.

Define key DOWN events
var keyListener:Object = new Object();
keyListener.onfiltered= function() {
// for 5 way navigation and soft key down events
case Key.ENTER: my_txt.text = "enter"; break;
case Key.LEFT: my_txt.text = "left"; break;
case Key.RIGHT: my_txt.text = "right"; break;
case Key.UP: my_txt.text = "up"; break;
case Key.DOWN: my_txt.text = "down"; break;
case ExtendedKey.SOFT1: my_txt.text = "left soft key"; break;
case ExtendedKey.SOFT2:

Sony Ericsson series with Flash Lite supported in Indonesia

I receive email from Indonesian's Sony ericsson Customer Support about SE series with Flash Lite supported in Indonesia, which is ;

- Sony Ericsson P900
- Sony Ericsson P910i
- Sony Ericsson K600i
- Sony Ericsson K608i
- Sony Ericsson V800
- Sony Ericsson W550i
- Sony Ericsson W900i

It support Flash Lite 1.1.But we still need to download Flash Lite application from Macromedia to work on it.Too bad :(

Web:Create SIS

Most Flash Lite application release on swf and sis.For older symbian version, we can publish our Flash Lite as sis file.We can create sis file with trusted key, and other as Symbian release on site : symbian

WEB : Verizon and Adobe

Good news from Verizon and Adobe.

Verizon Wireless to Develop Flash Mobile Ecosystem in North America;
Verizon Wireless and Adobe Forge Alliance to Deliver Flash-Based
Content and User Experiences

2006--Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced a
strategic alliance with Verizon Wireless to start a mobile ecosystem
built around Flash(R) technology that will allow developers to create
new interactive mobile content experiences for Verizon Wireless
customers. Through this agreement, Verizon Wireless is expected to
become the first wireless operator in North America to introduce Flash
enabled handsets that use the technology to deliver a customized user
experience. Developers will be able to create and offer new rich
content, applications and data services based on Flash and targeted at
these handsets.

Info, here.

WEB : Mysite has been added to Macromedia XML News Aggregator

I received email from Macromedia today to inform my site on blogger,, has been added to Macromedia XML News Aggregator. to me
2:20 am

Your site has been added to the Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA 2.0):

You can find more information on the Macromedia XML News Aggregator at:

and bla bla bla...

Thank you Macromedia!

Code : FL 1.1 and FL 2.0

Flash Lite 1:

// Frame 1
totalImages = 10;
currentImage = 0;

// Frame 2
loadMovie( "img" add currentImage, "img" add currentImage add ".jpg" );

// Frame 3
if( currentImage < totalImages ) gotoAndPlay (2);
else stop();


Flash Lite 2:

var totalImages = 10;
var currentImage = 0;
onfiltered= function()
this["img" + currentImage].loadMovie( "img" + currentImage + ".jpg");
if( currentImage == totalImages ) onfiltered= undefined;

WEB : Unsupported Classes

Macromedia on Livedocs said that it's not possible to access a phone's camera via Flash Lite (v1.1 or 2.x) -the API simply doesn't support it.

Check out the live docs for more info:

Try 'Flash Lite 2.x ActionScript Language Reference' > 'Unsupported
ActionScript' > 'Unsupported Classes':

"Unsupported Classes

Accessibility, Camera, ContextMenu, ContextMenuItem, CustomActions,
LocalConnection, Microphone, NetConnection, NetStream, PrintJob,
TextField.StyleSheet, TextSnapshot, XMLSocket"

WEB : Justin's Seattle Flash Lite Presentation

Want to get more file of Flash Lite source to learn?Please visit Justin.

On his latest post, he send some file of his latest worked.Flick search, Manhattan, Pellet pop, and Maze game, all can be downloaded here.

As he said, he wrapped up his presentation by talking about how Flash Lite 2.0 is actually moving ahead of the desktop player in certain cases.