31 July 2006

WEB : Fashion Chameleon from i2 Tecnologia

i2 tecnologia presents Fashion Chameleon, a Flash Lite 1.1 / 2.0 compatible game made for s60 devices, where the player must match the random attributes of the model character (hair, clothing and skin) against the clock.

Theres also a free mode, where the user can setup his own character changing eyes, mouth, hair, clothing, skin and acessories. Make sure to check it!

Game download link:

Thank you for Felipe Andrade for this info.

WEB : Office Frenzy - i2 Tecnologia

A good post from Felipe Andrade, [Project Manager - i2 tecnologia].

i2 tecnologia has a new FL (1.1) game designed for S60 devices! Office Frenzy is an action game against the clock where the player controls �The Boss� with a single objective: shooting the sleeping employees. We would would really appreciate feedback about it.

play and review it:

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