22 February 2011

Tablet With Honeycomb Will Get Flash Soon

Honeycomb is another version of Android which possible to get Flash in it. Actually, this version is the first anticipated android where tablet are perfect for it.

"Consumers are clearly asking for Flash support on tablet devices and the good news is that they won’t have to wait long. We are aware of over 50 tablets that will ship in 2011 supporting a full web experience (including Flash support) and Xoom users will be among the first to enjoy this benefit," said Matt Rozen, on Adobe's Flash Platform Blog.

Support for Adobe Flash Player software is seen as a major advantage for rivals to Apple's iPad because Apple has eschewed the technology, which has found widespread use as a video streaming format. Adobe expects to see Flash installed on over 132 million [M] devices by the end of this year, he added, saying the company had raised its estimates for 2011.

10 February 2011

Flash Player 10.2 Will Bosst Your Video on Web

Flash Video get its new release today. Whats new? it said, the newest version will 34 times more powerful than before. And another great idea, it take less than 15% of your CPU.

Adobe also says about three quarters of all online video is encoded in Flash format. While flash format being reason why battery become low and it ma crash the machine, its about time to relase newest version to ensure.

This mau cause many video online upgrade new software. Start from YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, and Epix. And other cool feature " Watch video fullscreen in a second monitor while continuing to work on your primary screen." Cool huh!

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