26 December 2007

Racing Tour Golf - New sources available at http://ptm.fi

Work hard, play hard.

See what a Flash Lite developer, Pasi Manninen, do when he create a nice application Racing Golf Tour. With his friend, he play golf in summer times and they have one major tournament at the end of July yearly. They drive then around Finland one week and they play about 18-36 holes in each day.

Why the need to do that? Because they needed a system what stores our scorecards and maybe gives somekind of analyses of playing. So he decided to do a application for that purpose.

Great news is, you can see his application with full resources to check this application out.

Feel free to go to his website : http://ptm.fi/blog/

21 December 2007

New build of Adobe Media Player on Adobe Labs

Adobe yesterday posted a new build of Adobe Media Player on Adobe Labs. User Interface is about the same. Only Adobe Media player now can play videos that are encoded using H.264 codec.

Picture taken from : http://plod.popoever.com/archives/001286.html

What i love most about this is the capability to play Flash video (flv), podcasts and QuickTime movies.

As I mentioned before, this software are suitable for your desktop media player.

You can try new version right here : http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/mediaplayer/install/

17 December 2007

AS3 and How to Convert any photo into a talking character

What can do by AS3 for your lovely photo?

You should check what PQ DVD guys do. They create a nice widget for your weblog, photo album, myspace, facebook, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, and Mobile Phone.

For short, you may check what new on my sidebar's blog to see. What a great design. I combine photo, sound and animation. And you may get the software by free. Just blog it, and send mail to dina@pqdvd.com.

Go on, you only could grab this software before Xmas!.

For you which really want to know more about AS3, you should go here.

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