13 July 2007

WEB : New Screensaver from Momode.com

Here is a new free flashlite screensaver for you guys
Please the link for more detail

http://www.refruit. com/2007/ 07/07/green- earth/

To download the screensaver, you can visit

http://www.momode. com

It will be a unit that deal with flashlite app for phone.
Do watch that space

03 July 2007

Code : About "Add" and "+" on Flash Lite 1.1

If you wonder why 9:00 reads "9:0" in Flash Lite1.1? this because Flash Lite 1.1 uses the add operator for string concatenation. + is
for numbers only, not strings.

So try :
minutes = ("O" add minutes);

rather than :

/:minutes = FSCommand2(" GetTimeMinutes" );
minutes = ("O"+minutes) ;

PPL IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon

Jika ditanya apa yang kau suka dari kehadiran mereka? Mereka punya jawabannya : semangat yang tinggi dengan keingintahuan yang tipikal mahas...