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Adobe Camp Indonesia 2011

Today, yes, 20 January 2011, Indonesia will held an national camp for Adobe fans. Adobe Camp Indonesia 2011 are one day camp in Budi Luhur University Jakarta, Indonesia. According to Ahmad Fathi Hadi, founderof Adobe User Group Indonesia (AUGI) this Adobe Camp Indonesia 2011 is the first time in Indonesia, and would be annual program from AUGI (Adobe User Group Indonesia).

In this campe, you will get advice from Adobe expert, like Anggie Bratadinata, senior Flash Game engineer for HandsOn Mobile. Also Tomas Krcha, Adobe Evangelist Platform and Ahmad Fathi Hadi who will present “Designer and Developer Workflow”.

If you like to come, please visit

Here the detail schedule Flash Camp 2011
TimeAgenda07:30 - 08:00Registration08:00 - 08:15 Opening08:16 - 09:15 Bridging Adobe Flex, Adobe Air to Java Web Application with Adobe BlazeDS by Nova Saputra, Java Developer09:16 - 10:15Developer and Designer Workflow by Ahmad Fathi Hadi and Nata Chen,…