29 September 2008

Micro payment API for you to make money on your game

What is API and where you can get and host your free Multiplayer API is what we discuss in my last post.

Now you can even get Micro payment API for you to make money on your game. What great about this is a payment API for flash games.

Nonoba Payment is a Flash API, for ActionScript 2 & 3, that allows any game developer to charge real money, from a few cents to hundreds of dollars, for their in-game content. The developer receives 70% of all revenue, while we use 30% to cover transaction-fees, fraud and management of purchased items. It’s the same split as Apples iPhone App Store, and we think it's a pretty good deal and a great way for a game developer to make some actual money from their hours of hard work.

Games developed with Nonoba Payment works everywhere on the Internet.

How payment works:
Payment happens inside the game, and when the payment is done, the user can continue playing the game with the additional unlocked content. While we currently only support PayPal as a payment method, we’re hard at work negotiating deals with additional payment methods like Premium SMS, promotion based payment, and credit cards for all countries.

Opportunities for the developer
Game developers have complete freedom over what they want to sell, and the price they wish to charge for it. The system is not limited but supports a lot of different payment models: trial-to-purchase, level packs, upgrades, micropayment for mini-upgrades, or simply asking for donations. It’s up to the developer to figure out how they want to monetize their game.

Multiplayer API and big contest:
Nonoba Payment naturally works really well with our other APIs, like our hosted multiplayer API for hassle-free building of flash multiplayer games. It’s already been used to build a bunch of great games, and we’re still accepting entries into our Multiplayer Kick-off competition, which runs until 1st of November with total prizes for $ 20.000 USD.

Visit our multiplayer section to learn more: http://nonoba.com/developers/multiplayerapi/overview

18 September 2008

Flash Lite 1.1 Player Error Messages

While you finish the rest of your flash lite application, sometime you keep press Ctrl+Enter to check your application on Flash Emulator. Once you have problem with those, you will see any error message that will appear on the emulator.

This can help you to get away from more problem when you test on real handset. Like when I try to place movie clip into movie clip with loadMovie(url,"some_mc");, I found problem on it.

It is said :

Problem with content: 5 - Invalid ActionScript in SWF data.

So what is Problem with content: 5 anyway?

Adobe developer center bring solution with describe all this code problem.

Here's a complete list of the "Problem with content: number" messages you may encounter, listed by error number:

1. Out of memory
2. Stack limit reached
3. Corrupt SWF data
4. ActionScript stuck
5. Infinite AS loop
6. Bad JPEG data
7. Bad sound data
8. Cannot find host
9. ActionScript error
10. URL too long

Usually after the Flash Lite 1.1 player prompts you with a message, you need to exit the player, relaunch it, and open the SWF file again.

08 September 2008

PDF File for Quick Learning 4 Ways Menu

While you doing an application in Flash Lite with 2 way or 4 way navigations,you will need a brief guide about it. It will guide how to create a key catcher button,create and use a key catcher button, creating a simple menu using movie clips,create a simple menu using movie clips,handling button events, create a button event handler script.

I love all this things all wrapped out by simple .pdf file. You may have it by free. Just go to this link , click smallpdf icon with "FREE DOWNLOAD THIS TUTORIAL" on right side.

You will have a pop up window, then you know how to download this file.

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