23 May 2006

WEB : Iriver clix has Flash Lite 2 preinstalled

Scott Janousek just received the iriver clix and it has Flash Lite 2 preinstalled and and it’s coming back FL 7,1,51,0.

Click here for more information :

WEB : Alen Alebic 06World Cup

Here a link of his new app.


06WorldCup is an event guide to Football World Cup in Germany with all the relevant informations.

This means that the application offers:
- latest news,
- team info,
- group standings and results,
- match schedules,
- stadiums and cities info with pictures/maps.
Great App!

WEB : "World Cup Mobisite"

Gareth Evans has sent great link of World Cup Mobi on Beta release.


Done in Flash Lite 1.1 that contains a list of all 64 games and 8
groups, and updates all information each time you open it.

18 May 2006

WEB : Happy Birthday Flash Lite Yahoo Group

Late 1 day, but i should say happy birthday for Flash Lite Yahoo Groups.
Thank you for sharing many info on great technology.Almost 1000 register user and still up.
Join the groups so you would not let any great resource around you leaving you behind.

17 May 2006

HANDSET : Nokia 3250 and N-90 with Flash Lite embedded in Indonesia

Just get info from Nokia Information Center on BEC Bandung about 2 latest Nokia with Flash Lite embedded.Nokia 3250 and N90.So you guys in Indonesia no need to go to macromedia site to get this on.Rock nokia!

PPL IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon

Jika ditanya apa yang kau suka dari kehadiran mereka? Mereka punya jawabannya : semangat yang tinggi dengan keingintahuan yang tipikal mahas...