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Showing posts from August, 2008

Xuinet FlashR Developer Challenge Launched

Last few days ago, I got an email from Esther for the Xuinet team.

Here the content :

In conjunction with Adobe, Millennial and DeviceAnywhere, Xuinet is leading the search for the best in class mobile Flash application. $10,000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs for the most downloads and best in the following categories:

o Blogs, forums and social networks
o Fun-n-games
o Images/slide-shows
o Sports
o On-the-go-travel, weather, news, etc.

To participate, Flash developers simply download the SDK at, create their content and publish it to the Xuinet network to enter before November 3, 2008. Further details on the FlashR Developer Challenge can be found at

Random Welcome Screen

I love tricky way to generate random frame to be stopped. For example, you have frame 1-10 with different movie clip on it. So,whenever user click a button,they will get surprises with different welcome screen.

Here we go.

on (release) {

// Sets the number of digits in the random sequence:
var mySetting = 3;

// Creates a random number:
myNumber = random(mySetting)+1;

// Checks to see if it is repeating itself:
if (myNumber == myTemp) {
// If it is repeating it generates a new random number:
myNumber = random(mySetting)+1;
// Continues as above:
if (myNumber == myTemp) {
myNumber = random(mySetting)+1;
if (myNumber == myTemp) {
myNumber = random(mySetting)+1;
if (myNumber == myTemp) {
myNumber = random(mySetting)+1;

Bvlgari In Action

Last week,I met my friend who visited bandung, and show some cool wallpaper on his Sony Ericsson Phone. First, I was so amaze with his screensaver,which is running a new type of Bvlgary newest collection over in Japan.

While I saw this,I try to open his menu. What a great phone. I heard the have many application for flashlite. Games,menu, also all develop by flash lite. So i try to imagine what will flashlite do next. Not only in Japan,but also here in Indonesia.

Free Download Flash Lite Wallpaper

Have you seen what guys doing with Flash lite? they did great.I like its presentation of creating analog clock wallpaper. Specially Edgar Allan Poe wallpaper with clock.

It has simple presentation, but one thing is cool : Analog clock with the image of Edgar Allan Poe's ghost appearing and disappearing depending on the hour, minute and second. You can download here.

This because they create a movieclip that directed by fscommand2 GetTimeSeconds, GetTimeMinutes and GetTimeHourss.