04 September 2006

WEB : New Macromedia™ Flash Lite™ 1.1 getting started tutorial

On this tutorial introduces Flash Lite and walks developers through creating a small magazine application called MyWorld to show how web-style information can be viewed on a mobile phone without using the WAP style list of text and blue links.

Its including :
-About Flash Lite and implementations
-Application outline and set up

and download Getting Started with Macromedia Flash Lite 1.1 for mobile applications in Sony Ericsson phones tutorial.

WEB : Converting Flash Content to Flash Lite 1.1

New article from adobe.com, written by Jae Young Chae, on converting Flash content to Flash Lite 1.1.

In this article, he review how to create an application in Flash using ActionScript 2.0 and then review creating the same application for Flash Lite 1.1. In the process, you will learn some common techniques for converting PC-based Flash content to mobile device–based Flash Lite 1.1 content.

Because objects and arrays are not available in Flash Lite 1.1, developers encounter multiple difficulties when they develop Flash-based applications and content. You will realize that once you start a project, however, nothing is really impossible—even though the time for development may take longer and the content of the project may not be exactly what the developer originally envisioned. Of course, you may be upset with content containing structures that are not able to be improved over time.

The good news is that Flash Lite 2.0, which comes with Flash 8, allows you to use almost every object in Flash MX Professional 2004. Given the current situation, Flash Lite 1.1 will exist along with Flash Lite 2.0 until handsets that ship with Flash Lite 2.0 natively installed become widely available.

Nice tricks to try, dont you think?

source : http://www.adobe.com/devnet/devices/articles/as2_to_flashlite.html

PPL IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon

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