06 April 2009

2 Way and 4 Way Navigation

Ever wondered why some flash lite application can use 2 way navigation, while other can use 4 way?

This not because if specific script to push some application only working in 2 or 4 way. That because you set it on different device. Some device, mostly japanese one, only support 2 way navigation. That's why you can not make 4 way navigation for their market.

You can have this device to test on 2 way navigation :

Fujitsu F700i, Fujitsu F700iS, Fujitsu F901iC, Fujitsu F901iS, and Mitsubishi D901i. Those are working for flash lite 1.x.

To check on your computer, you can open C:/Program Files/Macromedia/Samples and Tutorial/Samples/Flash Lite 2.0.

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