23 December 2010

Dell Streak Getting Lower Price

It kind of busy day in Indonesian market. The thing that we figure it out will be best selling of the year become hard to see. Just check out some information about how dell streak started to selling it android phone with low prices.

First when it come on this December, the average price is about Rp 6 million. Whilw these average price for gadget getting lower, iPad for Rp 4,7 million, or Galaxy Tab about Rp 6 million. So it will be easy to choose if you have Rp 6 million, you can get 7 inch gadget, rather than 5 inch gadget like Dell Streak!

Although it come with Froyo and has 16 GB of memory, dell not so promising good service if compare with personal computer. Just like Acer when it offered Stream, while Acer most favourite brand is for notebook in here.

16 December 2010

Archos Android Tablet Come With Flash 10

For coming late to Indonesian Market, Archos sale with affordable price to catch Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad. There are 2 types of Archos, with 7 and 10 inch screen display. Archos Android Tablet 70 for 7 inch with 8 GB space, and Archos Android Tablet 10 with 16 GB.

They both are highly desirable Android™ technology with a large screen. Just like Galaxy Tab did before. And really nice to see if they both coming with Flash 10 in their browser for any application they can play with it.

Some application that ready to install are Aldiko, Ebuddy, Wikipedia, Avecomics, HubKap, Deezer, Mewbox, Raging Thunderlite (a 3D car demo game), WordNewspaper, Touiteur, Fring. Sound so fun for having this gadget for your christmas gift.

It only Rp4,350,000 for Archos 10, and Rp.3,390,000 for Archos 70. Bring both as your christmas gift this year :)

09 December 2010

Which Flash Format Support in Motorola Android Tablet?

Sound so great when Motorola hits news with their coming Motorola Android Tablet. Its says you can get Flash support via browser. That would be any game, application or other graphics format which can be embedded in browser.

How about flash lite? You may say when you can get Flash 10 support, no need to think about it. True, you may create a great application within Flash. With attached on website, it's a sky for a limit.

Many vendors love doing tablet andorid. In Indonesia you may heard of CSL Handroid Tablet. It chinese vendor with Blueberry branding product. It will become many option to have android tablet, like Samsung Galaxy Tab as we know before.

06 December 2010

Galaxy Tab Vs iPad, Which is Best Christmas Gift For Indonesian

At the end of this month, christmas would come. Lots of people love to give a gift for each other. And so in Indonesia. During this time, we have two choices to claim as best gift for christmas this years. Samsung Galaxy Tab dan Apple iPad.

Apple just sell their iPad online for cheaper prices last week. This create demand for them who love Apple product. In same cases, some 3 or 3 months netter who has iPad like to trade their old one to new. This because of the cheaper they can get. Netter in Bandung just sold his 16 GB iPad non 3G for Rp. 5 million. Which in Apple Store, you can bring it home for only Rp. 4,7 million. Some people who don't know how apple getting closer with consumers in Indonesia would buy Rp 5 million for old iPad. This awesome.

In other hand, Samsung become more favorite brand in Indonesia. Samsung Galaxy 5 only sell for Rp. 1,2 million in one of biggest operator in Indonesia. While Samsung Galaxy Tab now become trending gift to be offered in Christmas. Which is better?

02 December 2010

Google Reader for your Android

Android may only 7 percent of all smartphone available in Indonesia so far. But you may sure, it would blown up in next year when all vendor sell cheaper android phone to this market. Before you get this phone, for you who love to have Google Reader in your Android, here the news, an application for Google Reader available in Android.

With full subscription features, you can search dan subscribe from your phone. It support multiple accounts. To have it, direct your phone to this :

Running in Donut or higher.

01 December 2010

Apple Sell iPad in Indonesia For Only Rp 4,8 Milllion

Indonesian gadget freak finally get the news. iPad now officially sell in Indonesia for only Rp 4,8 million including tax. This is the cheaper price they can afford. In other place, it sell nearly Rp. 10 million. That would be more expensive than Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung only sell their tablet only about Rp. 3,9 million. With it capability like iPad, this price will tempted Indonesia who adore to have great gadget for this Christmas Gift. We can just click http://store.apple.com/id for get detail. Just love to hear the news from Apple.

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