06 December 2010

Galaxy Tab Vs iPad, Which is Best Christmas Gift For Indonesian

At the end of this month, christmas would come. Lots of people love to give a gift for each other. And so in Indonesia. During this time, we have two choices to claim as best gift for christmas this years. Samsung Galaxy Tab dan Apple iPad.

Apple just sell their iPad online for cheaper prices last week. This create demand for them who love Apple product. In same cases, some 3 or 3 months netter who has iPad like to trade their old one to new. This because of the cheaper they can get. Netter in Bandung just sold his 16 GB iPad non 3G for Rp. 5 million. Which in Apple Store, you can bring it home for only Rp. 4,7 million. Some people who don't know how apple getting closer with consumers in Indonesia would buy Rp 5 million for old iPad. This awesome.

In other hand, Samsung become more favorite brand in Indonesia. Samsung Galaxy 5 only sell for Rp. 1,2 million in one of biggest operator in Indonesia. While Samsung Galaxy Tab now become trending gift to be offered in Christmas. Which is better?

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