23 December 2010

Dell Streak Getting Lower Price

It kind of busy day in Indonesian market. The thing that we figure it out will be best selling of the year become hard to see. Just check out some information about how dell streak started to selling it android phone with low prices.

First when it come on this December, the average price is about Rp 6 million. Whilw these average price for gadget getting lower, iPad for Rp 4,7 million, or Galaxy Tab about Rp 6 million. So it will be easy to choose if you have Rp 6 million, you can get 7 inch gadget, rather than 5 inch gadget like Dell Streak!

Although it come with Froyo and has 16 GB of memory, dell not so promising good service if compare with personal computer. Just like Acer when it offered Stream, while Acer most favourite brand is for notebook in here.

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