30 June 2008

C905 : First S/E with Project Capuchin support

In todays newsletter of Sony Ericsson they have announced/mentioned the first mobile phone which supports the Project Capuchin API. It's the SE C905 phone with Flash Lite 2.0, FM tuner and a 8.1 megapixel camera.

What is Project Capuchin?

Sony Ericsson's Project Capuchin technology is a Java ME API and associated tools that define a bridge between the Java ME and Adobe Flash Lite programming environments.

This API and soon-to-be-available tools makes it possible to use Flash as the presentation layer and Java as the application logic, meaning that Flash tools can be used for UI design while still having access to all the phone services available to Java ME.

The tool packages the Flash content together with the Java application logic into a Java Archive, JAR file, hence allowing the resulting application and package to be treated and managed as a Java application re-using all of the existing Java infrastructure available on the phone and provisioning backend.

Project Capuchin takes advantage of Flash's strengths in fast UI deployment and well established designer tools, meanwhile Java's strengths are in services, security and a well developed distribution infrastructure.

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