09 July 2008

Bvlgari Stop Watch Timer

Today, i just realized that some analog watch use smallest hand just for stop watch guide. It is different than other watch, which use 3 kind of hands for pointing hour, minute and second.

Please check Bvlgari with Calibro 303 series. It has 3 small circles on it. The lower one is pointing second hand. So it will be little hard to create small Flash Lite screensaver with different purpose as usual.

So, we need to create small stop watch function as part of watch working. To help, we need to use function GetTimer().


Also we need to put 3 buttons on the stage, start, stop and reset. In layer called action script, we add this code : stop() on frame 1, /:time2=getTimer();/out=/:time2-/:time1; (on second frame), and gotoAndPlay("count"); (on third frame).

On Start Button, add this code :

on(keyPress "1"){

On Stop Button:

on(keyPress "2"){
/:duration = /:time2 - /:time1;
/:output = "Elapsed Time: " add /:duration;

On Reset Button:

on(keyPress "3"){

Thanks for Phillip Lam for great tutorial articles.

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