15 June 2008

Fully Hosted and Free Multiplayer API

This post title sound really good. But it is true, you may host and use free multiplayer API without any cost.

Thanks to Nonoba.com informed me by email about their feature. They have been working with multiplayer flash games on their own server technology for a long time, and during that time a lot of flash developers and companies have approached them for access or licensing of that technology.

The API supports the full range of multiplayer games, from simple turn based games to more complicated real-time games. To show these capabilities, they have released a new, and in their opinion, awesome game called Nonoba Racer. They have also ported some of our old creations to act as examples in the SDK, such as Fridge Magnets, Multiplayer Asteroids and DrawPad.

They are announcing their first big game competition with $20.000 USD in prices and a first price of $15.000 USD, for the best game to be built on the Multiplayer API.

Sign up for beta access at: http://nonoba.com/developers/multiplayerapi/signup, and get more info at:


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