18 June 2008

Acrobat 9 with Full Flash Player Built In

Acrobat, a genuine name all people known as Adobe product, now has a full Flash Player built in. I think it just about time, when Adobe acquire Macromedia, many Adobe product support what Macromedia's offer.

And so is Adobe Acrobat with latest version, Acrobat 9. Let's say if I working on project with several document, like word document, PDF, Flash file, you can combine it all together as a single PDF portfolio. Thanks to PDF Portfolios feature, that make it all happened.

While you working with Microsoft Office Word 2007, with Adobe Buzzworld all be possibleto be online word processor that can read and write in the new docx format.

I believe the upcoming Adobe Reader 9 will be intgrated with Acrobat so you can share PDF files on web with easily.

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