18 September 2008

Flash Lite 1.1 Player Error Messages

While you finish the rest of your flash lite application, sometime you keep press Ctrl+Enter to check your application on Flash Emulator. Once you have problem with those, you will see any error message that will appear on the emulator.

This can help you to get away from more problem when you test on real handset. Like when I try to place movie clip into movie clip with loadMovie(url,"some_mc");, I found problem on it.

It is said :

Problem with content: 5 - Invalid ActionScript in SWF data.

So what is Problem with content: 5 anyway?

Adobe developer center bring solution with describe all this code problem.

Here's a complete list of the "Problem with content: number" messages you may encounter, listed by error number:

1. Out of memory
2. Stack limit reached
3. Corrupt SWF data
4. ActionScript stuck
5. Infinite AS loop
6. Bad JPEG data
7. Bad sound data
8. Cannot find host
9. ActionScript error
10. URL too long

Usually after the Flash Lite 1.1 player prompts you with a message, you need to exit the player, relaunch it, and open the SWF file again.

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