09 February 2006


What it takes to create aplication working on Flash Lite?

- You can use Macromedia Flash MX 2004 or Flash 8, you can download the trial version here

How u will embed the flashlite application in the Mobile device. How
to transfer to the device?

- Bluetooth, IR, USB, Cable,Web link

Where can i find tutorial and some sample programs?

-http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/devices/ -http://www.macromedia.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?view=sn310 -http://www.flashmobileforum.org/node/13

And vickymustdie on flash lite groups give more note about this :

Very first thing you need is Macromedia FLASHLITE Player
installed on your handset and also whether your Handset supports
Flash files or not. For which you need to check out the listing of
Macromedia Flashlite supported handsets

From the link, you have to confirm..

1) Whether your handset supports Flashlite Software from Macromedia.

2) If yes, which version of Flashlite is supported either Flashlite
1.0 or Flashlite 1.1.

3) Also need to verify the Supported Operators, ie. in case of you
downloading the files from online (and not from PC to Mobile using
Cable, Bluetooth etc.). Basically its GSM Handsets works all over
the world. But in the country like JAPAN, it supports NTTDocomo

4) If all the above points turns positive for you, then you need to
go for Flashlite Player, which is free with some website or trial
packed, you need to buy it from Macromedia website :

5) Some Handsets comes with preinstalled Flashlite Player.

Making an Animation:

While making an animation for the mobile phones, you must take care
of file size and the size of the movie. The file size should not be
too high which will take down your handset memory while accessing
the flash applications. It will slow down your handset. The size of
the movie(screen) differs from handset to handset. In my case, i'll
take the movie size as "176 x 208" (Nokia 3230).

You'll need Flash 8 Professional Software for the animation (As it
includes Flash Lite emulator which lets you preview your content as
it will function on an handset. You must also take care of the
following rules for the production.

Flash Lite supports the Flash Player 4 version of the ActionScript
language for the Flashlite Applications. And so most of the Flash 8
commands and syntax are not supported with Flashlite.

Flash Lite supports the following keys on mobile devices:
Five-way keypad keys (Up, Down, Left, Right, and Select)
Left and Right soft keys
0-9, *, and # keys

Assigning Key Handling to the Keypad Keys (eg.For "ENTER", you'll
press the Left/Right arrow key on your handset 's keypad.

*** TEXT
Flashlite supports all 3 text options. "STATIC", "DYNAMIC"
and "INPUT".
Using fonts available in device.
Rendering text.

Flash Lite supports MIDI and MFi device audio formats as well as
native Flash sound compressed with PCM (or WAV), ADPCM, or MP3 audio
Event and Stream Sound.
Flash Lite does not support the Effect, Sync, and Edit options for
device sounds.

For the Animation, Flashlite supports Vector quality at Low, Medium
and High Level.
Handset CPU Power Limitations for BITMAP and VECTOR images. Image

You can learn more of Flashlite Development from Macromedia
Website : www.macromedia.com/software/flashlite/

Following this rules will help you make applications/games for
mobile devices.


You need an installer in order to convert your .SWF files to .SIS
format (Supported by all the major handsets).
You can do that by using Softwares like SWF2SIS and MAKESIS.You can
download SWF2SIS software from http://www.blueskynorth.com/swf2sis/
and MAKESIS software from

After conversion of your file from .SWF to .SIS, you need to upload
your file online and then can download it from your Handset using
GPRS. Or You can either transfer it from PC to MOBILE using Data
Cable / Infrared / Bluetooth.

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