23 February 2006

Training Day 1

Its been pleasure for giving training to my friend.
She used to work with FlashMX 2004, now after some theory of Flashlite, she just can say "such a simple script to create great application" :D

We do have a good news from our partent.They planning to sell some wallpaper with Flashlite environment.So they asking me to find new partner to do so.

Our first application is wallpaper running on Flashlite 1.x.Then other projects come.

Cant wait to produce new application.

PPL IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon

Jika ditanya apa yang kau suka dari kehadiran mereka? Mereka punya jawabannya : semangat yang tinggi dengan keingintahuan yang tipikal mahas...