24 February 2006

Training Day 2

On the next day, I set up Flash MX 2004 to my computer's friend.
As Macromedia say, Flash Lite 1.x can only available to Flash MX 2004 and higher.

My friend told me she has installed Flash MX 2004 to her computer, then the problem appears.She can not find Flash Lite 1.1 on publish Flash option.
So anytime she publish the swf file, error message always shown.
"You should publish it to Flash 5 etc..."

When i checked the software,I found Flash MX 2004 Professional version 4.0.So i uninstalled it, and install to the machine with new version (ver. 7.2), and its works.

The only problem if we use some action scripts is, it need Flash Lite 1.1 to published.I dont find any problem when I developed a simpe wallpaper without any script embedded.

And what more interesting if we develop Flash Lite with Flash 8 is, we can find any devices to be tested.More complete action script help on panel, and also new features on publish option. There is Flash Lite 2.0 on it.

So my suggestion is....upgrade to Flash 8 to get more powerful support.Of course it need more space on your hardisk, and if you have computer with Windows 2000, you need to check Service Pack.It need Service Pack 4 to run.Or if you use Windows XP, you need to make sure your machine is using Service Pack 2.

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