28 March 2012

Flash Player 11.2 Released

Today, Adobe has released the newest flash player, 11.2. It's kind of minor fixed to recent version. At the same time, Adobe also introduced the newest Adobe AIR 3.2 as their commitment to browser-game gaming.
This 11.2 bringing support for mouse-lock, right and middle click events, and multi-threaded video decoding.

The software also supports 2D and 3D graphics at speeds of up to 60 frames per second, and, when running on Windows machines, will automatically update itself in the background. As for AIR 3.2, it now supports Stage3D graphics on both iOS and Android, promising "jaw-dropping visuals" with monstrously fast GPU rendering. A new partnership with Unity, meanwhile, will allow developers to easily upload 3D games to Flash Player, as part of its premium features package. Devs will be able to use these higher-tiered features for free until their apps accrue $50,000 in revenue. Once they do, they'll have to siphon off 9 percent of their earnings to Adobe, though these conditions only go into effect as of August 1st. (AIR 3.2 apps are exempt from this charge.)

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