31 March 2008

Adobe Photoshop Express is Alive

I used to open Adobe Photoshop for editing bitmap image for my application in Flash Lite. Sometime I was not so lucky to have better computer specifications to open both applications. So I have to close my Flash software just to open Adobe Photosop.

But now the good news is coming. Adobe Photoshop now is going online! So I think it will be easier for my to continue my work. I dont have to worry about my computer spesificatian anymore. Or just looking for another PC, because I can do it on same PC.

To run Adobe Photoshop online, you can click https://www.photoshop.com/express/index.html. They provide provides 2GB of free storage space for yous photos. Other great news is you can also edit photos from your Facebook, Google Picasa or Photobucket galleries directly with Photoshop Express.

How I Love this tools! Thank you Adobe!

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