22 February 2008

Google Reader Drive Me to Flash lite Feed

Today i checked my google reader for reading some feeds. Then i just realized that a tiny link are displayed very bold on the right side. It is says : FLASH LITE and Flash devices on Top Recommended section. It a little bit rare, because i haven't subscribe to any flash lite feed this time.

So it is time to see if any information from this new feed that google reader recommend. It take my to http://flashlite.wordpress.com./feed. Well,if you checked this blog,you may found the new article posted on Feb, 12 2008. Before this post, it published on Aug, 23 2007!. So new article are posted on 2008 are just 9 days ago. Im sure it has nice article that why my google reader are recommnd to check this feed.

You can check the newest article about Flash on Iphone. Really interesting one.

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