15 February 2008

Flash Application's Book

Thanks for my friends in Japan who sent me a great Flash Application's Book. About one year ago I told my friend about this great book. Its written by Richard Leggett, Weyert de Boer and Scott Janousek. Three names which very popular in Flash Lite forum.

In this book we can learn :
- The essentials of Flash Lite 1.1 and 2.x
- How to create mobile applications and games
- Best practise for structuring your mobile aplications
- Integrate graphics, sound and video into your mobile content
- How to consume live data over HTTP and socket connections and make use of phone-specific features.

I haven't read all of this book, but what surprising me is on page 137. I found RAMBUTAN which is Indonesian name for special fruit that listed as one of three answers on Quizz Master 9000. What a familiar name for me in Indonesia to guess the right answer.

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