02 March 2006

Embedding Flash Lite in Mobile Pages

For some reason, my friend trying to publish our swf file to mini wap site.And it take XHTML tags to apply it.Well, im not kind of familiar for coding with wap site.

So i go through googgle to find help.It took me to Richard page.Nice tips of using Dreamweaver 8 to embedded flash file to specific type. It have capability to set page into XHTML mobile1.0.
And here are the tag ;
Richard say : that this doesn't work on all phones, only phones with the Flash player integrated as the plug-in, such as most Japanese i-mode handsets and according to the Nokia emulator at least, the new wave of Series 60 (ed 3) phones soon to be released. On our developer installs this still prompts us to click the Flash movie to open it.

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