01 March 2006

Application : Styleable LineChart Component for FlashLite 2.0

Peter Baird, a user experience consultant from Adobe created a line chart class that can be used in your Flash Lite 2.0 app.

Simply import the class, instantiate it, and assign an array of data to it, and ta-da, you’ve got a line chart in your app.

A chart can be added to your FlashLite app with just a little code, as shown, where "myData" as an array of numbers of any length:

import com.adobe.charts.lineChart;
var myLineChart:lineChart = new lineChart();
myLineChart.chartData = myData;

including a sample fla that uses the class, and shows all the available style properties that can be customized.

Click here to download the .as class, along with a sample .fla

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