13 October 2005

Marketing Yourself: Tiara Lestari Story

From Hermawan Kertajaya site :

I was interviewed this morning by Firman Yursak from Matra, a magazine for The Metrosexuals. He was interested to talk with me about why more and more people are going ‘naked’ today in an open society. Think about blogosphere for example. Firman Also asked me why I want to share my personal diary on the internet through weblog.

I told him the reason I want to have a blog for myself is because to strengthening my positioning as well as to market-ing myself. I consider blog as a vehicle which can drive marketing activities of Hermawan Kartajaya brand. I also told Firman that everyone is a brand. He, himself is a brand. Madonna is a brand. Hitler is a brand. Agus is a brand. and so on.

Anyways, the very simple reason for me to go into this blogosphere is only to express my feeling, share my opinion about what I see during my journeys. I see this as the perfect medium for me to do so.

Having said that, of course, I also need to keep relevant as the marketing guy. I mean, I can’t just go on sharing my feelings with you all without giving you any ‘marketing aspects.’ That can harm my reputation as the ‘bad guy in marketing.’

Some people go and create their personal blogsite for PR reason. I also see more and more corporations go blogging for that reason. Marketers even go blogging to do customer insight.

Last June, I read an article on Asian WallStreet Journal about how marketers scan blogs for customer insight.

minivan maker knows that little kids love minivan, but teenager love SUVs more.

Camera and film maker found out that consumers want long-lasting photos.

They all got such insight from blogosphere.

Some people also say that Blogs is so powerful as it has reforming information. BLOGS=Information Reformation. The news, stories, headlines, information you get through all these years are basically from media corporations who has their own idealism. Why blogs have change all these is simply because individuals nowadays got their chance to participate.

I was told by the guy from Matra about Tiara Lestari. A Solo-born model, based in Singapore who has now gone international. After years modeling, she found her ‘ultimate bliss’ by being covered in Playboy Netherland and Penthouse in Spain and Thailand. She’s now one of the leading model in Indonesia. And controversial too perhaps. I guess you know it well why.

Tiara herself just published her weblog site with more-or-less the same reason why I chose to create my weblog. She told “I wanted a medium where I can voice my opinion and share my feelings.. I have it. Even with 24 people reading them."

She is well aware with the fact that many people are talking about her now in the country. Not to mention all the media which are currently hunting for her to get some news. With the help of Matra, Tiara can be hided away. And smartly, Matra told her to create a blogsite, so that whenever people (and / from) the media want to check and re-check about Tiara’s activities, they know where to find her.

Tiara is apparently doing one thing very smart (I would do the same if I were her): Marketing herself through blog. I am not talking about her promoting her sexy body. I am not talking about Tiara Lestari goes naked and shot by Playbboy. But I am talking about her marketing strategy.

see her on this site first, then i'll tell you later about it. or perhaps some of you might know already how Tiara market-ing herself?

For detail article, here.

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