19 November 2009

Broadcom 'Running' Pursuit of Adobe's Flash 10.1

Shortly after Adobe announced the latest version of flash, a leading graphics companies like NVIDIA, ATI and Intel have entered their names to support these technologies. Do not want to miss, Broadcom also helped provide support to the device hardware.

As quoted from liliputting, Thursday (19/11/2009) video accelerator Broadcom is not a graphics card that is 'standalone'. Thus, users do not need to buy it separately.

Although not dedicated to playing games, but the graphics card is claimed to optimize the quality of High Definition video class at netbook. So the video is showing would have outstanding qualities.

The first netbook to use this graphics card is the HP Mini 110. But what happened, some owners of these netbooks instead 'mempreteli' this graphics card to be installed on the netbook brands.

In the Adobe forum and MyHPMini, mentioned also that with a combination of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 with this graphics card, it can optimize the embedded Atom processor in a netbook for smooth high-resolution video playback.

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