25 March 2006

Flash Player 6 and Flash Lite 2

This is Hayden Porter posted on Flash Lite Mailing List about the difference between Flash Player 6 and Flash Lite 2 :

Flash 6 is essentially a AS1 platform, though I think you can use
certain AS2 syntax conventions if you want to make your code
compatible between Flash 6 and FlashLite 2.

Flash 6 does not support classes added in Flash 7 such as
MovieClipLoader class, which is also available in FlashLite 2. So
compare the classes between the two platforms for compatibility.

Flash 6 does support system.cababilities object for checking network
connection, battery level and some other features, but this would be
more limited than Flash Lite 2.

Flash 6 does not support any of the fscommand2() functions available
to Flash Lite.

Flash 6 does not support device audio, and instead relies upon built
in sound, not sure if this is implemented in 7710. There is not
likely any FLV video support in Flash 6 mobile devices.

Flash 6 mobile does support xml.sockets (atleast on PPC). This is not
supported in Flash Lite 2.

You might ask more about the 7710 player in the Flash handhelds forum
at macromedia.com. There have been other people asking about this
device in the past, though it seems hard to get information about it.
Also you should download the Pocket PC CDK to know how Flash 6 for
mobile compares to desktop.

Unfortunately, there is no CDK for this device. I wish Adobe would do
a better job at releasing CDKs for devices currently on the market.
Nokia also has the Nokia Internet Tablet with Flash 6, but there is no
CDK for this either.

Content developers cant really make stuff without the CDK and
licensees may not see value of licensing Flash if there is no one
making content, because there is no CDK.

Notes : Flash Lite and Flash 6 are different in that flashlite has built in phone
specific functionalities that are acheaved through fscommand2.
Flashlite is built to take advantage of the phones small memory and cpu capabilities.
Flash 6 cant run on a mobile phone.

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