06 March 2006

Coding : noScale

One thing if you used to worked with Emulator, you can test your application to many handset available on Flash 8 Mobile Emulator.Its equiped with different device profiles. Most Nokia have 176 * 208 (3230,6260,6620,6630,6670,6680 etc), but Nokia N-90 has 352 * 416.So it will be a problem if we like to test out on N-90.It will be scalling up and looking bad.

So if you want to support both device we'll have to use

Stage.scaleMode = "noScale"

or you can trace it size with

trace (
trace ( _root._yscale);
trace (Stage.width);
trace (Stage.height);

and you can set the display location by Stage.align = "TL", it will moves the swf to the top left corner.

Stclaus1 post on FLash Lite grups with his opinion ; "The second solution is to leave stage as is (Stage.scaleMode = showAll) with no content change. But there is problem of the final
output which will be displayed on N90 handset and its distortion.
I am using only dynamic textfield and device font."
While Richard give a simple and powerfull FLA file to test this issues. You can download here.

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