30 November 2005

Call for artists

We are looking for new characters to feature in FlashPalz. We plan to introduce one major new artist each month.

What artists need to provide:

Flash animation artwork for the following:

  • Five characters
  • Five backgrounds
  • Logo
  • Banner ad

What we provide:

  • mini-site
    We will feature your artwork in a branded Flash "mini-site" that can be accessed both from the PC and the mobile-phone.
    View these existing sites from Mad Barbarians and tokidoki.
  • templates
    We will provide templates like "calendars" that give the artwork extra value on a mobile phone.
    Using our engine, the end user will be able to mix and match the characters and backgrounds.
  • Ringtones
    We have licensed ringtones from major japanese artists, as well as original tones created just for FlashPalz. Allowing the user to set your artwork to music, and use as a ringtone, makes it even more valuable!

Full artwork specifications, file-sizes etc can be found on the next page.

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